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Exemplar REITail is providing exclusive access to its Malls for its elderly customers on Monday 30 March 2020, pension pay-out day.

This is to allow them to access their social grants while minimizing their exposure to the threat of the Covid-19 virus.

“In partnership with Pick ‘n Pay, we will be ensuring only customers over the age of 65 gain access to our Malls prior to 10am,” explains CEO of Exemplar, Jason McCormick.

“Whilst much of what lies ahead is speculative, the one inalienable truth is that the virus attacks the elderly with greater severity and mortality than the youth. With the elderly playing a critical role in bringing up the next generation within the townships and rural areas that we operate, protecting their health and safety is of such importance that failure to do so could have knock-on social effects for generations to come.”

Security staff will be on site to handle entry and exit points and we are engaging in an extensive media campaign to educate and inform all customers about the specific trading hours. Customers younger than 65 will gain access after 10am to fulfill their grocery and medical shopping needs.

The above campaign will run in conjunction with Exemplar’s existing social distancing and hygiene campaigns on site to ensure the risk of exposure is limited at all levels.

“While the initial plan was to roll out the campaign at only our sites that have Pick ‘n Pay as a tenant, we have since decided to take the campaign to all Malls in the portfolio,” says Jason.

For a full list of the Malls, visit

“We are proud to work together with Pick ‘n Pay in protecting our elderly and would like to commend them for their phenomenal response to the pandemic on all levels. We welcome all tenants and industry leaders to follow suit.”

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